As organizations reimagine the post-pandemic future, they and their project leaders must embrace new ways of working. Yet not all organizations are faring equally. Amidst such massive change, Pulse of the Profession® research reveals the emergence of what we call gymnastic enterprises: Those that have learned to flex and pivot—wherever and whenever needed—while maintaining structure, form, and governance. Gymnastic enterprises select the very best ways of working from a landscape of possibilities and focus on their people, knowing that organizational performance is a well-choreographed dance of individual performances.

What sets them apart? Compared to traditional enterprises, gymnastic enterprises were more likely to have high levels of organizational agility (48 percent versus 27 percent) and were more likely to frequently use standardized risk management practices (68 percent versus 64 percent). Both traits were significant drivers of project success across the entire respondent base.

Gymnastic enterprises are leading the way by empowering their people to master new ways of working, emphasizing the human element, and understanding the central role that organizational culture plays in enabling all of these capabilities.

The payoff is broad and significant. Gymnastic enterprises are leading the way in The Project Economy—focused squarely on delivering financial value and positive social impact, no matter what it takes.

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