Kanban is a workflow and project management method for defining, managing, and improving processes in an effort to increase visibility into workflows and operations. There are two types of ways to leverage Kanban: a physical board and a digitized version.

In practice, a well-functioning Kanban system ensures transparency in projects and processes that enables you to continuously discover improvement potentials and evolve gradually.

Delivering these agility attributes, Kanban offers teams and companies an evolutionary approach to Agile which allows easy process tailoring, while ensuring the focus stays on customer needs and delivering results.

While deceptively straightforward, many companies are hesitant to implement Kanban practices because of preconceived misconceptions about possible resistance to change, expense to implement and concerns about ROI and interrupting processes.

To disprove this notion and demonstrate the benefits of Kanban project management, let’s explore five different customer case studies and learnings from companies that have successfully implemented Kanban to bolster their workflow and project management proficiencies.

Increase Visibility and Improve Workflow Across Distributed Teams

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Source of the article: PM Today writen by Melanie Franklin

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