The Business Analyst is in charge with “what to do”, while the Project Manager is responsible with “how to do”. This is a very simple approach and it is true from start-ups to big companies. This pair will “bridge” in a better way the biz needs with the IT needs, they will form a stronger Biz-IT Bridge.

If this pair of a BA and PM is present on a project, a few benefits will appear soon:

  • Reduce Rework on the Projects
  • Manage the Project Better from the Start
  • Control Change
  • Improve Communications Between IT, the Business Team, and the Project Team
  • Increases the project/company Value in the Marketplace
  • Acquire Project Success, in the end

 According with the author or this article in a perfect world, the project manager and business analyst role would be two distinct roles; however when it comes to smaller sized projects and the need to reduce project costs, organizations are now looking for candidates who are knowledgeable and competent in both roles. Whether you’re a project manager or business analyst (or already wearing both hats!), we’ll help you explore why diversifying your knowledge will not only increase your marketability, but will also make you a project superstar!

These are quite obviously for you and if you do agree them and want more details read more . . .

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